Gizmo- Juan gizmo- shut- shutmo-pupcid Ac- gizzy-dirty shut- jizmo Favorite foods -Fritos -pizza crust only-twizzler bites- blue berry and cherry pop tarts-juju fruits theater candy- steak bones-steak - hotdogs hamburgers ,anything her daddy had to eat with a exception of chez its ,Nacho cheese Doritos . You were just not a dog,you were my beloved dog gizmo that when I had nothing I had you and you saw me through the roughest times in my life .i have laughed with you and you have licked my tears away from my eyes and cheeks.I have never had a lot of friends I consider my wife my best friend but gizmo you were also ,You were a true companion and the true definition of mans best friend. I had my wife, my kids, and there was another kid in my life my little Juan gizmo I loved and I still love you little dog more than I do most people and you my little dog never judged me ,was never too busy for me like people always are. The evening was the best time I would pull up in the drive and you would come out and greet me or if couldn't get out you would pull your chain to the middle of the floor and wait for me . This loss is so big !!! If I could only hold you one more time I'd never let you go,to feel your warm tongue and wet nose again I'd pay any price .i love you gizmo I love you so much I'd always tell you twice. We'll meet again my friend I know and this time no one goes ,but until that day comes the hole in my heart will continue to grow. I love you gizmo as your daddy it breaks my heart today to take you to be cremated but that's the only way that I can keep you inside with me and safe of storms inside the house I will always remember how you were so afraid of the thunder storms and would start shaking if there was just a cloud in the sky and would come over to me to be held.You loved us so much back you always would bark if you weren't around us and couldn't stand it if we were in a separate room. You were so much like me your birthday was a day after mine and you loved all the bad things like junk food,pizza,candy just like your daddy . And afraid of everything you were just like me any noise or movement you would look scared .You let Allison dress you up in silly costumes and never nipped at any of our kids ever and I know you would have loved and enjoyed Tyler and erikas baby so much!!! Gizmo I MISS YOU SO MUCH!!! I feel as though I will never be the same without the soft feel of your fur on my legs and oh how I used to love the way we would sit on the sectional with you in between my legs and I would squeeze you so you would be warm and would know I have you protected.And oh how you used to lick my toes and put your tongue in between every nook and cranny.Gizmo even though you've gone away you really haven't gone as you hold a special place in my heart and my thoughts of you are always long! My pain is unbearable not having you with me , I miss you when I first get up,I think of you all day long,The evenings are always the worse for me because that is when we would always love on each other and EAT! God I would do anything if I could feel you lick my feet.Gizmo you left a whole in my heart about a mile wide,and all I think about is having you back by my side.I know we'll meet again someday and this time no one has to go Well cross rainbow bridge together into heaven we will go .I know until that day comes you're gonna miss me too and sorrow is what we share but always know I love you and I'm always going to care about you. I LOVE YOU GIZMO R.I.P. AUGUST 12 2003 to. NOVEMBER 1 2014 BELOVED DOG.