We found you many years past.  You were lost.

You were hungry, scared, alone, and shivering on a winter’s

A lone ferret on a winter city night filled with fright.

We took you into our home and most importantly into our
hearts promising your life would be bright and everything would be alright.

Chinook became your new name.

You had so much love to exclaim.

You were full of mischief, fun, and comfort.

You would kiss me and play in my favorite shirt.

Chinook you became my light so shining and bright.

I promised you when you were young you would be in our

when you became old, protected loved and cared for.

Adored liked never before.

Then the day would come, when my eyes would be filled with
tears I feared.

You left us in our arms my Chinook, old and gray

A life filled with love and adventure, a promise kept many
years ago that you would Never die alone. 

We miss you Chinook with every day with every heartbeat we

 You were a lone
ferret on a winter city night and Chinook was your name.


Tim Smith