All animal lovers and owners know what you go through when you lose one of your dearest friends.
you wonder if there was something you could have done differently and yes, you always will find something to blame yourself.
I am going through that stage right now but have to be strong for my other doggie friends, who miss their mate just the same way as I do, the only difference is that they can not tell us in our words.
we just suffer to see them suffer even more and being at a loss.
I know I will get better and the healing will start when I see that my other 3 have put it behind them and become another pack together.
I just feel so hurt for them.
I will never forget my sweetheart Trix and hope she is without pain and has found her mum after so many years….they will have so much to talk about.
love you Trixie…forever in my heart

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  • KerriT
    KerriT I feel the same way my guinea pig Zoom-Zoom passed away and it hurts so much. I have blamed myself thinking I am the worst Mommy ever.
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  • witch13056
    witch13056 Kerry, I feel your pain I lost my lil katie a toy poodle 25.34 hours ago and I am battling real big time I am having such a hard time we had her from when she was 8 months old and she was nearly 16 when she went , she had massive mammary tumours they jus...  more
    August 28, 2015