Down With Denial – How To Recover From Pet Loss
There are many myths surrounding pet loss and how to cope with it, and you can deal with such loss if you ignore the myths and focus on the positives instead. You will need to be aware of the various myths first in order to know how to avoid such thoughts.
Myth 1: Any Reaction Is Overreaction
Losing a pet is a very tragic event and the grief that will follow is bound to be intense. A general myth, however, will have you believe that this is not true and that people who tend to get depressed are overreacting. This cannot be farther from the truth. People tend to get attached to their pets in a very intimate scale and normally have strong feelings towards their pets in general, as they imagine pets to be lifelong companions. When this bond is, however, cut short fast due to the demise of the pet, they tend to react strongly to this loss, thus resulting in confusion, tears and mood swings. All this is entirely normal and general, and this is just a passing phase that people learn to get over, with time.
The loss of a pet can affect a person, like the loss of a fellow human, and this has been maintained time and again by veterinarians. Do not fall for myths that state that only human loss is hard to get over and pet loss is not very significant. This is baseless and untrue, as any form of emotional bonding, when severed, is bound to have consequences.
Myth 2: Getting A New Pet Can Make You Feel Better
Yet another popular myth states that pets can be easily replaced, and that the arrival of a new pet will drives away the memories associated with the old one. This is also false, as the bond that people share with their pets is similar to the bonds that people share among themselves. This bond can never be replaced, and attempting to do so would be futile. What one can do, however, is make sure that they get over the previous pet fully before adopting a new pet and starting a new lease of friendship and care. Pet memorials that bring together your memories and lay them to rest can help a lot in dealing with pet loss.
Recovering From Pet Loss – The Social Connect
While mourning for your pet loss, there is no point in doing it alone. Mourning is an act of letting out one’s feelings into the open and draining out the sorrow from one’s mind. This can solve a purpose only when it is done socially. Only when you let out your feelings to your friends and relatives will you feel the load lessen in your mind, thus decreasing the burden slowly. Mourning, when done in private, will only lead to more depression and will present you with an acute variety of problems.
There are many myths about Euthanasia too, and you should understand that Euthanasia is not a selfish act at all. It is a good way of bringing your beautiful friendship to a less painful end, and once you realise this, you will well be on your way towards coping with the feelings that rise due to pet loss.