For Your Eyes Only - Pet Portraits That Speak Loads
Having pet portraits by your side can help you a lot in getting over your pet’s loss, although slowly and steadily. Only people who own a pet can understand the fact that a good pet can make a difference in a person’s life even after it’s passed on.
The Need for a Pet Portrait
During moments like these, when you don’t have your pet physically by your side and are yearning for a furry cuddle, recollecting the times that you spent with your pet by gazing at pet portraits, can be soothing and fulfilling. A good pet portrait can help you recover faster, however you should put in some effort to make sure that you get your pet portraits exactly the way you want them.
Pets are restless beings and catching their restlessness on camera can be quite hard to do. Capturing perfect digital images of your pet is very hard, so your next best option would be to arrange for a portrait of your pet through a skilled artist. Pet portraits can capture your pet’s playfulness and its bubbly nature quite naturally, and the best part is that these pet portraits seem very realistic by nature.
Pet Portraits -Things You Need To Know
Artists can just capture the basic characteristics of your pets, that is, their little inconsistencies, their repeated mannerisms and other physical characteristics and set this as the tone of the portrait with an ideal background of your choice – ranging from your pets’ favourite cuddling corner to the blooming garden where your pets normally play.
In order to immortalize their presence on canvas, you will have to opt for a very talented artist who can do justice to your memories with your pet. Pet portraits can be drawn in any size, depending on your preference. You can either get the artist to draw a life sized version of your beloved pet, or can even have a smaller version crafted, so that you can easily carry it along with you wherever you go.
A life sized portrait of your pet will be the best choice to opt for, as you can hang this portrait in your small pet memorial corner, thus adding more value and depth to the place.
These portraits will last longer if framed well, so opting to frame your pet portraits is also a very good option. As these pet portraits are very potent and can help you recover from the tragic loss of your pet, you should find the right artist among the ones out there.
Picking Out The Best – Choosing The Right Artist
Only very few artists position themselves as well trained in the field, and this is because bringing a dear pet alive in canvas is very hard and time consuming. Narrow down the number to a practical level, and go through their portfolios entirely.
This will give you a clear idea on what to expect, and you can also judge whether their portrait will make a difference to your pet’s special memorial. Try and choose between charcoal paintings, oil painting and watercolour paintings, based on the theme of your pet’s memorial location. It’s your furry friend’s portrait, so make it grand and show that you care