Pet Memorial Guilt - Coping With The Pet Memorial
Getting over the loss of a pet is hard, especially during a pet memorial, and you should know how to properly handle it so that you do not sink into depression under any circumstance. The loss of a pet is a very sad event, and this should not be underplayed in any margin. Make sure that you do not try to minimalize the loss by pretending to be happy, because only by letting out all your emotions can you easily move on and forget about the entire issue, removing all hard feelings.
The First Key - Acceptance
Be ready to accept the fact that your pet will always be a part of your life that you will never forget about. Trying to forget about the good times in a bid to get over you pet’s loss is not a very good idea, as memories can never be permanently erased. All you have to do is surrender to the fact that you will forever remember your pet for all the good times that you shared, and this will help you move on in life under the belief that your pet is happy someplace else.
Do not try and slip into the mindset of wondering whether you are overreacting to the entire event. Studies have shown that losing a pet is almost as traumatic as losing a fellow human being, so your feelings are all well justified and certainly not over the top.
The Second Key – Getting Off Guilt
You will experience waves of guilt during the pet memorial, but this needs to be entirely avoided. Losing a pet is nobody’s fault, and piling guilt upon oneself can only result in further despair. Although you will feel angry and betrayed for awhile, make sure that you do not target this anger on anyone else. Remember, everyone’s fighting their own battle everyday and anger never solves any purpose.
The Third Key – Letting Emotions Loose
Sharing your feelings can help you a lot in getting over the loss of your pet. Share your memories and thoughts with someone who is willing to listen to you, and pour it all out into the open. Talking to people who’ve had pets before will help, as they will know how to handle pet loss and pet grief during pet memorial events. Looking for support from your family and friends is not wrong, and make sure you ask them directly instead of deciding for yourself that you’re best left alone.
The Fourth Key – Giving It Time
Getting over the loss of a pet is also a very gradual process that involves time. Do not try and get done with your feelings over night, as this will only cause them to pile up even more. Give yourself some breathing space and believe firmly that things will turn better over time. Participate in many active virtual pet memorial forums and talk to like minded individuals there.
How Memorials Can Help
Also, organize a very good pet memorial with the right kind of ambience, with customized pet memorial markers and pet memorial grave stones, so that you can bid your pet goodbye. The memorial will also serve as a standing testimony to the bond that you shared with your pet.