Sharing Your Thoughts - Virtual Pet Memorial Comes To Help
Pet memorials need not necessarily be held in your backyard; they can be organized and held online through a virtual pet memorial too.
Virtual Pet Memorials – What You Should Know
Online pet memorials provide yet another medium for you to get over the loss of your pet, and going online has its fair share of advantages. For one, it will help you cope with your loss in a better way, and it will also help you reach out and connect to many people who can relate to your tragic loss. Even relatives, and near and dear ones who could not make it to your pet’s actual memorial can visit the portal online and share their memories and thoughts, thus allowing you to connect with a wider section of people.
Organizing Your Portal
Pet memorial services online allow you to create a portal online, solely for your pet. You can add in a lot of quotes and you can also share your memories and thoughts online at this portal. Such portals will also allow you to share your photos with your family and friends, and uploading these photos into your virtual pet memorial will bring back sweet memories and help you relive those small moments of happiness that you spent with your pet.
Your relatives and friends will also be able to share their thoughts with your directly on the portal or in private, through separate mails or messages. A host of such memories about your pet in its own portal can trigger off your recovery process, helping you understand the fact that your pet is in someplace special, sooner.
Guest Books and Tribute Cards
Guest books online will allow people who visit the webpage to write a line or two, and thus show their support to you. They can also include tributes to your pet, and can write small stories about their memories with your pet; or poems about the times that they shared with your pet. These tributes can serve as a perfect send off for your beloved pet, at a virtual level.
You will also be able to create small tribute cards for your pet online and share it with your friends. These cards can be custom made, and you can include unique details about your pet in these cards.
Etched for Life – the Memorial’s Lifetime
One major advantage about a virtual pet memorial is the fact that this memorial will stand the test of time and will be part of the Web for as long as the website stays. You can look back into the past, some years through the future, and can remember what the experience felt like and how you managed to cope with the issue.
While creating a virtual pet memorial for your faithful dog or cuddly cat online, make sure that you put in enough effort an create something splendid, as this will stay on the web for long as a testimony to the good times that you spent. Include your best photos, and compile a series of photos of your pet from its initial years as a kitten or puppy to its final days. This will be an ideal way to create a beautiful album for your virtual pet memorial.