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  • Shadow

    To my Smiler(Shadow) you are so deeply missed by Mom and Dad, there has not been a day we haven't shed a tear for you or thought about bout you, I have a aching heart knowing that your not here to snuggle with. We miss your presents as do Sassy and Cocoa, we lit a candle for you just to let you know your thought about each and everyday, soon enough we will meet again at the Rainbow Bridge, and you can Smile and jump and give us kisses all you want. Bye my girl, love Mom and Dad...

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  • tomdonna
    tomdonna We Miss our beloved Shadow .. it has been almost 2 years now and their is not been a day we don't shed a tear for you... You are so missed and Loved not just by Mom and Dad but your sisters Sassy and Cocoa. We love you Girl.. R.I.P..
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