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  • Chloe

    In loving memory of the best kitty a girl could ever ask for. My beloved Chloe crossed over the rainbow bridge and left my heart shattered. She loved following me around the house, laying on me, cuddling, and slapping me in the early morning to tell me she was hungry. She could always be found near me, whether she was crying at the bathroom door for me, or sitting on the heater in the room next to me, but close enough where she could have her eye on me. She was skittish with everyone but me, and could be hiding all day, and not come out until I came home. Chloe aka babygirl has been missed and loved every second of every day and will continue to be forever. Chloe leaves behind her beloved comfy bed, some of her favorite toys, and her beloved owner who she was just as obsessed with as her owner was with her.

    Pet Memorial Details

    • Pets Date of Birth May 30, 2009
    • Date of Passing October 20, 2017
    • Favorite Toy The small balls filled with cotton with crinklies on the outside. She loved to rip the crinkly strings off.

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