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  • Sparky

    Sparky was a very good dog despite he liked to run off to the neighbors field all the time. He was a hunting dog and that's what he liked doing, hunting small animals. He would never hurt anyone. He was very good natured. My family happened to stumble upon him when a vehicle dropped him off in front of their house in about 2005 (or so that's what is said). He had a good life here. He was my stepdad's dog, his buddy but I also got attached to him.

    He was fine up until the morning of November 23, 2017. He started banging his head on the floor and acted like he was having a seizure. He had to be held down so his head wouldn't thrash around when he tried to get up. His eyes were moving back and forth rapidly and just looked weird. We didn't know what was going on and pretty much decided in that short period of time to have him put down. The vet was called and we took him there about 40 miles away. The nurse there said that he had vestibular disease and the vet thought he should be put down too since he was having trouble breathing too (and because he was an old dog). So it was done.

    When I got home I did some research on vestibular disease and found out that it was treatable in most cases but of course it was too late for Sparky. I regret him getting euthanized. I feel real bad about about it and wish we could have helped him live but didn't want to chance him hurting himself more by smashing his head on the floor (he had already bit his tongue and drew blood). Plus we didn't know if he would recover to his old self again. 

    He will always be remembered and loved by us. I love you Sparky. RIP

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    • Pets Date of Birth November 30, 2003
    • Date of Passing November 23, 2017
    • Favorite Toy A biscuit

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