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  • Copper Foran

    This memorial is dedicated to my beautiful dog Copper who was put to sleep a couple of weeks ago. It was very hard saying goodbye but it was the right thing to do because he would have suffered if we left him go on longer. His liver & pancreas were shutting down so there was nothing the vets could do. He lived till he was 12 years old which is a great age! :-) he had such a wonderful life with us, he was well loved & he loved us dearly! He was always so affectionate & playful even up to his last days. He loved our cat Fifi, she was like a mother to him, he would always sniff her butt & chase her but he would never hurt her. They got on very well, but if he annoyed her she would give him a hiss & a swipe. She was the boss hahaha! He would be very protective of her. He didn't like other cats though, whenever one would try enter the garden he would bark & his hackles would go up. It was so funny, his tail would be wagging as he did it so i don't think he was trying to be vicious. He also loved my cat Nala, he was protective of her too but if she tried to annoy him he would give her a little growl but again he was very gentle with her. We got him down in Mullingar, Co. Westmeath at a place called "Friends Of The Animals" When we saw him we knew straight away he was the dog for us! He was very different to his brothers & sisters who all looked like collies, he looked like a little fox which is why we would always say "Ah he must have fox in him." We named him Copper after the dog in Fox & The Hound. Which was the perfect name for him. He loved the water & the beach, we have great pictures of him down in Arklow, Clare & Killarney. He was very intelligent & i used to always joke & say that he should be in the circus because he would put his two front paws on a ball & roll it backwards. I'm going to miss him so much, the house is going to be so quiet without hearing the pitter patter of his feet & his whimpers at the door. He was my pal, my best friend. <3 He will sleep furever in my heart. Sleep tight baby boy! I'll see you again someday, you will be waiting for me at Rainbow Bridge with Fifi. xoXox <3

    Pet Memorial Details

    • Pets Date of Birth July 8, 2005
    • Date of Passing August 9, 2017
    • Favorite Toy His Squeaky Bone :)

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