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  • Coco

    You have only been gone a little over a week and there is an emptiness in my heart I fear will never be filled again. You taught me what unconditional love was. You were the inside dog I never wanted, our pond (not pound) puppy. You are my best friend, my little man, my child, You were the bright spot of my day and I miss coming through the door to your special greeting. There is such a void at home now.


    I hope you know the love there was for you during the short fourteen years you were with us. The love was exemplified by those that came to be with you on that day....Your entire family was there to say goodbye: Me, your mom, little sis, big sis and her fiance, both grandmothers and your grandfather.


    Bella is lost with out you. She searches and mourns for you daily.


    I can only hope my memories of you change, to the good times we had when you were healthy, happy and playful, and replace those that haunt me from that final day with you in my arms, as you took your final breath. I do not and will never regret being with you for that last breath and only wish you could be with me for mine, when the time comes.


    We love and miss you baby boy and can only take comfort in knowing you are playing with Sooner and Nikki, and I can only pray that we will all be together again someday.


                                    ---- Your Dad

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    • Pets Date of Birth February 5, 2003
    • Date of Passing April 9, 2017
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  • ddulaney77
    ddulaney77 I talk to you daily. Can you hear me? I miss you soo much. :-(
    June 27, 2017
  • ddulaney77
    ddulaney77 You are forever with me. Missing you really bad today.
    August 22, 2017
  • ddulaney77
    ddulaney77 I still speak to you daily buddy. You are always with me. I still carry your collar and your Mom gave me your paw print to wear around my neck so you are always close to my heart. Dad passed away on Christmas Eve, adding to the worse year of my life. Look...  more
    January 17
  • ddulaney77
    ddulaney77 Happy Birthday baby boy! I hope you, Nikki and Sooner are celebrating together. Going to be a tough day here without you buddy. Miss and love you little man. :-(
    February 5