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  • Alfie

    Alfie, since you've been gone there's a huge empty space in our life's that's unbearable. The bonds you had with us are irreplaceable, you where truly one of a kind and didn't deserve to pass so young. I'm sorry you never saw your first birthday, your first trip to the beach, your first Easter, moving in to the new big house and many other milestones you'd deserved to be around for. We loved you unconditionally, and up to the moment you died and you where held in my arms, I could tell you loved us too. We will never forget your cheeky smile, the way you used to sneakily creep up the stairs, the way you'd sit and watch me and mummy do our makeup and kiss our arm every so often when doing so - in a way we believed this was your way of saying how much you cared about us. We'll miss the way you and your older brother max (who misses you so much) used to play in the garden, and how max used to let you get away with chewing at his bed and his toys because he adored you so much as a baby brother. We'll miss how you used to run lopsided in a goofy way, or how you used to sleep all day after a long walk. Whilst after your accident, this may have signified something medically wrong, you never where in pain and you always enjoyed life. We'all miss taking you to your favourite park by your grandads, how you'd run on the football pitch and the fields and jump up at us in joy. We'll miss your irrational hate towards birds, and if you ever saw a duck or a pigeon you'd go crazy - chasing or barking at them until the disappeared. All your other puppy friends miss you - we take comfort in being around your best girl friend Lucy - as we believe she has a piece of you in her personality. I hope when I held you when you where in your dying hours that you knew how truly and unconditionally loved you where. I wished I could've done more to save your life - but it all happened so quickly that it would've been impossible without me being seriously injured and dying too. I hope the way i cradled you on the way to the hospital, wiping the blood from your mouth and stroking the backs of your ears was comfortable and made your last few moments on this earth make you feel like me and your mummy wanted you to live as happy a life as possible. I loved you so much Alfie, we all did, and I just hope you knew that right until the end. I'm sorry you didn't get to live a long and happy life that a perfect little boy like you deserves Sleep tight my sweet boy

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    • Pets Date of Birth May 30, 2016
    • Date of Passing April 16, 2017
    • Favorite Toy Tug Rope

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