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  • Spud

    My partner & i went to the markets one day to *** some potatoes. We came home with a puppy, but no potatoes- we named him Spud. He was a real mummys boy, my shadow. We shared everything. He was a 32kg lap dog. His favourite place to lay was on my chest with his head on my shoulder & holding hands. He loved his rope & playing with (and eating) fresh coconuts. He also loved mangoes & bok choy. At the start of September 2015, i noticed something wasn't right. A trip to the vet & a biopsy confirmed he had an aggressive form of cancer. We took him to an oncologist, where he underwent an operation to remove the cancer & reconstructive surgery. He then started chemo. He took it all in his stride & always with a smile on his gorgeous face. Devestatingly, no amount of money or love could save him. I woke early on the morning of 29th October, 2015, to find he had passed away. It felt as though my heart had been ripped out, and time has not healed, despite what people say. It gets worse because more time passes since i last held him close, listening to his heart beat. He was more than just a dog, he was my everything. Spudney, you will always be my bestie boy & i love you the whole world.

    Pet Memorial Details

    • Pets Date of Birth January 31, 2003
    • Date of Passing October 29, 2015
    • Favorite Toy his rope

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