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  • joey ( jojo, Joe ,mojo)

    You left your paw print on our heart's forever. We got you when you were just 6 months old and I was 5, after searching the pound all day Grandpa saw you just arrived not even in the kennel yet. Your first owner left you for Europe and it. Was his loss. When you came home we laughed, played and loved. Years went by and you slowed down. bed hog,stinky breath, and your stinky farts but you still made us smile with your smile. Josh and I loved you so much words can't describe. I'm sorry we couldn't be there to hold your paw while you went to sleep but when you left home you left with a smile. Its almost been a year since you got your wings and Josh and I think of that smile everyday. Thank you for being the best friend & family member and thank you for the 17 years of love, laughter and that smile. We love you joey always and forever.

    Pet Memorial Details

    • Date of Passing March 2, 2014
    • Favorite Toy hedgehog, bone, pillow&blanket.

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