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    10:23 Am

    The life and story of our guinea pig named Sammy.

    First he was born in and then he came to us after a few weeks and he was adopted by allison and after her number of years caring for Sammy it was given to Patrick and he took care of him until Sammy was sick looking and patrick had to go to school and so I was there and I was the one who cared for him when he was either going to die or not and the problemb was that there was no vet or pet store that could help me and so I tried my best to take care of him until I found out what he needed but by then it was too late (about 1 hour from the time I started till his death early in the morning), he was very playful like most guineas and excited to leave the cage when he could as well. I feel bad but not only for Sammy but for all living things brought up in this cruel world.

    Best regards from -Ryan


    The guinea pig's name is Sammy., like most guinea pigs, Sammy loved Timothy Hay. Sammy was living with another guinea pig, called Livia. Sammy was a lot bigger than Livia. Sammy was older and had a louder squeak or squeal. Sammy would always squeak whenever I entered my room or made any loud-ish noises. Sammy loved to take shelter any where he could find, including my shirt. Sammywas very playful. Iloved Sammy. Sammy was not brought up in a cruel world, but he was brought up in a bueatiful world with lots of people that cared for him. Pets Mart sold him to us, but couldn't help us. -Patrick

    Pet Memorial Details

    • Pets Date of Birth December 3, 2011
    • Date of Passing November 20, 2014
    • Favorite Toy small ball made of food

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