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    The hardest part of loving something so much is knowing when to let go.


    Dusty was our Golden Retriever and my husband and mine's first boy.  He was so named by my husband after a crazy character in the movie "Twister" because when he was a puppy, he used to spin around and around like a torando before going to the bathroom.  I sold my wedding gown on ebay to get up the money to purchase him from a breeder and after 10 1/2 years, we got more out of that wedding gown than possibly anyone I know.


    He was a gentleman.  Loyal, smart, patient, laid back and my best friend.  There wasn't a squeaker in a stuffed toy that he couldn't get to and the only water he would drink was water from the bathtub..and the water had to be running.   I will miss dancing with him, hugs, singing to him, cuddling, getting him worked up on purpose when my husband and I would hug, him sitting on me when he thought he was a lap dog, and mostly, his kisses.  I will also miss our walks, camping trips, my husband and him fighting for bed rights and hearing his feet crash down on the floor upstairs as he jumped down from our bed to run and greet me once I came through the door after a day at work.


    He was an amazing companion, there for me when I went through a miscarriage and when we lost our 2 cats (one 13 and one 16).  He never left my side while I was grieving.  He chose our son's name when we couldn't decide (another story).  Made us laugh and smile.  Dusty was very loved and one of the family. 


    Loyal Companion, Our Beloved Pup-Pup and Faithful Friend.  Letting go was just another way for us to say we will always love you.  And when his heart beat for the last time, I felt something inside me I have never felt before and I believe what I felt was you taking part of me with you.  Always in our hearts Dusty.  We love and miss you terribly and know you will be there when we  see each other again and cross over the rainbow bridge together.  Thank you for the last 10+ years of love you showed us each and every day.

    Pet Memorial Details

    • Pets Date of Birth March 25, 2002
    • Date of Passing August 3, 2012
    • Favorite Toy Anything plush with a squeaker

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