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  • Tiger Tillman-Smith

    After nearly 16 amazing years, I had to put down my Tiger so he wouldn't suffer from stage 4 kidney failure. He was such a special cat with a unique personality; used to walk on a leash, would play fetch, followed me around like a puppy dog, knew his name and came when called, wanted to be a part of everything, greeted me at the front door every day, slept with me every single night, loved people, being touched for hours, was very talkative and demanding, enjoyed spinning around on the office chair getting dizzy, was bilingual (English/Spanish), enjoyed popcorn and white cheddar puffs, being the center of attention and conversation, loved to sit on paper and board games, and never bit or harmed a soul his entire life. He was ALL LOVE! He was my greatest joy in life; my heart, my best friend, my child, my most loyal companion, my unconditional love and my fatty fat snuggle bunny. Tiger is survived by his loving mother and younger brother Chauncey (age 7 blonde Abyssinian).  I hope Tiger and dear friend Jorge Maldonado are already loving on each other in the after life...I know they adored each other very much while on earth. Missing you!  See you at the Rainbow Bridge...  oxoxox

    His Life A Beautiful Memory
    His Absence A Silent Grief
    Tiger Tillman-Smith
    Sadly Missed but Never Forgotten
    25 December 1996 – 10 July 2012
    Peace Perfect Peace

    Pet Memorial Details

    • Pets Date of Birth December 25, 1996
    • Date of Passing July 10, 2012
    • Favorite Toy Mice; he loved to play with each toy mouse and leave them around the apt, and he would watch me pick them up and return them to the bucket...we did this repeatedly every day :)

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